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As an organised and passionate language teacher, my aim is to promote a blended approach to meet effectively the learners’ needs. Having studied both in Italy and in the UK helped me to build a varied background that ranges from classical studies to cutting-edge methodologies in the world of digital language teaching. I recently conducted research on the implementation of a task-based language teaching approach in an online environment with a specific focus on the use of storytelling and visual arts. My interests include comparative linguistics, video and audio editing, and visual arts.


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I'm an Italian language teacher based in the UK. Over the last 5 years I've worked in various enviornments such as Sussex University, private language schools, Sixth form colleges, and privately (both online and offline). I've got a BA's degree as Italian Language as L2, a CELTA Certificate,and a Masters degree in TESOL with ICT.


Nicola S.

Language teacher, instructional designer, content creator, technology lover & much more.

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