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Fumetti (ep.2) - Zerocalcare

This time we will explore another aspect of the ninth art, the more introspective but still highly enjoyable world of the graphic novels in Italian. Zerocalcare is the most known Italian comic artist and brought to the mainstream public the joy of reading comics!

In this article we will continue our journey through the world of Italian 'Fumetti', a tradition more than a simple genre, that helped to shape the Italian pop culture of the last century.

Zerocalcare is a popular Italian comic artist and writer whose works have gained immense popularity in Italy and around the world. Born as Michele Rech in Rome in 1983, he is renowned for his unique comic art style and his use of the Roman dialect, a prominent language spoken in Rome and surrounding regions.

Zerocalcare's ability to combine humor with serious and sensitive topics is a distinctive feature of his style. He has written and illustrated several books and comics that address a range of issues, including politics, social justice, mental health, and personal growth. The author often infuses his characters and narratives with his personal experiences and opinions. The use of the Roman dialect, or "romanesco," is also a defining aspect of Zerocalcare's art.

This dialect has a distinct vocabulary and pronunciation and is widely spoken in Rome and the surrounding regions. Zerocalcare uses dialect words such as "daje" (c'mon! / yeah / let's go) a great example of how a single word can hold several meanings otherwise very hard to convey in Italian or English.

In addition to being a talented comic artist, Zerocalcare is an active participant in humanitarian and refugee projects. He supports refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea through the "Mediterranea Saving Humans" initiative. The artist is a vocal critic of the Italian government's immigration policies and has used his platform to raise awareness about the struggles refugees face.

Whether you're a fan of comic art or simply someone who values individuals making a difference in the world, Zerocalcare is an artist to watch. His unique style, combined with his commitment to social justice, makes him one of the most compelling figures in Italian comic art today. So let's give a big "daje" to Zerocalcare and keep an eye on his future endeavors.

Translation of Zerocalcare's books are available allover the world and published in the UK by Magnetic Press! If you liked this article leave a comment, follow us on our social media pages or subscribe to our monthly newsletter! And stay tuned for new articles on Italian comics & graphic novels!

p.s. Zerocalcare is also the creator/writer/main character of the Netflix series 'Strappare lungo i bordi' ('Tear along the dotted lines'), here's the trailer!

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